Sarah Jessica Parker: New Perfume in 2010

Word around the perfume blogosphere is that Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a new perfume sometime in 2010. I was a huge fan of Lovely before I became a perfumista. I went through two bottles in three years, loved the rollerball, and felt enveloped in warmth and beauty whenever I put it on. When Covet debuted, I was actually counting down the days until I could smell it in my local Macys and remember my disappointment when I sprayed it on. I've always felt that I didn't give that perfume enough wear time to really grab my attention, but somehow, it just wasn't what I hoped for.

There's also a less expensive line by SJP (also produced by Coty, I believe) called the "Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Collection" which features three perfumes: Endless, Dawn and Twilight. Apparently, the new perfume won't be anything like this style. I keep reading quotes on the various celebrity blogs that this perfume will smell like body odor. (That's sort of odd, right?) And one of my favorite bloggers (1000 fragrance's post here) says that it might be named Twilight, just like her previous one. He's hardly ever wrong, but I wonder if that's true...

I haven't seen any releases which talk about the actual notes of the new perfume, but will update when I have more info for you.


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