The New Hermes Iris Ukiyoe Perfume

Jean Claude Ellena fans will not be disappointed by this newest addition to the Hermessence perfume line.

Parfums de Nicolai: Weekend a Deauville Perfume Review

A detailed perfume review on the limited edition (and now discontinued) Week-end a Deauville by PdN.

Vintage Perfume Shopping

Lovers of vintage perfumes should check out this report on local Antique Shopping in Florida.

Chanel Perfume Photos

Photos of a few Chanel perfumes, include Cuir de Russie in pure parfum and Cristalle eau de toilette.

By Kilian Releases Incense Oud

By Kilian's newest addition to their upscale line is a high quality combination of oud and incense (but too pricey for most budgets).


Parfums de Nicolai Perfume Reviews

Parfums de Nicolai is a french perfume house started by Patricia Nicolai (granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain who started the famous Guerlain House with his brother Jacques) and Jean Louis Michau, who is a french businessman. Fragrances within this perfume house are typically accredited to Patricia Nicolai alone, though their newly-redesigned website mentions that she works with several junior perfumers as well. Patricia Nicolai has also designed 2 perfumes for the MDCI perfume house, both of which are very similar in style to her Parfums de Nicolai range. You'll find that my perfume reviews of her line of fragrances are normally quite positive... but don't be fooled. I have no affiliation: I just love her perfume style. I have a large number of their fragrances in my perfume stash.

Parfums de Nicolai Perfume Reviews:
Parfums de Nicolai Fragrances in my Collection:
  • Parfums de Nicolai Kiss Me Tender
  • Parfums de Nicolai Week-end a Deauville
  • Parfums de Nicolai Violette in Love
  • Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque
  • Parfums de Nicolai Eau du Lude
  • Parfums de Nicolai New York
  • Parfums de Nicolai FigTea
  • Parfums de Nicolai Cococabana
  • Parfums de Nicolai Number 1


Great Perfume Blog Find: Fragrant Foodie

I have been working too many hours to really flesh out any new perfumes lately and write about them, but this morning, I stumbled on a perfume blog that I think my readers might really enjoy: The Fragrant Foodie. The quick thoughts on the various MPG fragrances were especially helpful (especially when compared to the same-page reviews for other MPGs that you might have already sampled). Check it out!


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