Perfume Commercials and Ads: Christian Dior - J'Adore

Oh, the infamous marketer and his manipulation of our pocketbooks. The critique of perfume ads and commercials deserves a much longer post, but I wanted to share a thought about how ads have affected me and my perfume purchases.

I admit these days that I spend a great deal of time reading blogs and the reviews of fellow perfume lovers--- but I hardly ever actually watch any of the perfume commercials or look through ads. After all: I don't watch cable, I don't subscribe to Lucky or Vogue or any of the glossy mags with full page perfume ads. I'm mostly protected from that sort of advertising. But every once in a while, I'll watch one of the ads on one of the perfume blogs or check out which celebrity is lending her face to which company. For the most part, I avoid the blogs that focus on the celebrity side. I remember my shock when I saw a Tom Ford Perfume Ad for the first time-- these were graphic, even though the perfume bottles took the place of actual sexual images, as shown in the ad at the left.

I saw that Charlize Theron lent her face to Christian Dior for J'Adore recently. That disappoints me. I remember in high school (or early college) that I asked for J'Adore for Christmas-- unsniffed. My desire was based solely on the perfume commercials, which I thought were utterly brilliant. The original french model was beautiful, and the bottle went well with her neck gear of interlocked gold bangles:

I loved this perfume commercial, received J'Adore as a Christmas present, and it was one of the few perfumes that I ever finished a full bottle of. (ad from You Tube)

But most perfume ads really disappoint me.

Some of my favorite perfumes (like those of the Hermessence line) have neither ads nor perfume videos. The juice itself if good enough to increase sales.


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